Adam Kilmurray

In Just Truckn Around, Overseas, September 20202 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineOctober 22, 2020

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Adam Kilmurray had just finished servicing his Scania R560 when Paul O‘Callaghan caught up with him for some photos in their native County Offaly in the Republic of Ireland. “I should have cleaned up for the photo,” quipped Adam. But then, why hide that fact he‘d just spent his day off maintaining his own gear? Rather, it adds to the photo. At the time of the photo, Adam was running three Scanias on Irish domestic work: his R560 plus an R500 Topline on powder tank work, along with an R500 Highline on precast concrete work. Interestingly, his R560 is tuned to 800hp through a special turbo imported from Greece, but that is another story in itself. Adam‘s father always ran at least one truck, so it was already in his DNA.

“I worked for my father first, then worked for a few livestock haulage outfits. That‘s my real love, hauling stock. The dream is to have my own livestock trailer some day.” When given a choice of our vexing questions, Adam chose secondhand over new. “I‘ve just bought another secondhand Scania V8 to put on the precast work – it‘s a drug! You‘re never finished with them, there‘s always something that will break or cause you hassle with running trucks, especially the older ones.” But by his own admission, he loves what he does and wouldn‘t change it for the world.

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