Glenn ‘Plow’ Plowright

In May 2024, Just Truckn Around3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJune 22, 2024

It was the shiny trailer wheels that caught Alison Verran’s eye, followed by the 1967 Chevy Impala on the deck.

Glenn “everyone knows me as Plow” Plowright was heading to collect a spotless red 2014 Corvette from a dealership in Te Rapa, Hamilton, when Alison did a quick U-turn to go and say gidday.

Plow has been driving for Express Vehicle Transport for “easy 20 years, I think”. He keeps his 2020 IVECO Stralis 460 EEV looking very sharp. New Plymouth-based, Plow had travelled up to Auckland that day, loading and unloading vehicles around the city, followed by a couple more drop-offs in Hamilton on his return. Then it was back to New Plymouth with these eye-candy cars on the back, which were to be on show at the annual AmeriCARna event.

Plow says he has always loved trucks. “I grew up watching the trucks drive past my school in Bell Block. I used to hang out by the fence and arm-pump them! I was one of five boys. The others all used to wash trucks on weekends, and then I joined in. It’s what we all did back then.

“I went into the panel and paint industry for a few years. Then an opportunity came up for me to drive for Car Haulage NZ. I drove for another couple of companies after that and then came here. I’ve been driving for about 28 years now. I love driving … as long as I’ve got aircon and sounds, I’m happy.”

Plow is not too keen on the state of our roads, though. “They’re shit,” he laughs. He’s also not happy with some of the traffic management workers. “They’re a joke,” he says, “their vehicles pull out in front of you; they think they’re invincible. A lot of them haven’t a clue how to do their job. It makes you wonder who is running these places. There appears to be a distinct lack of training. Gone are the days you start as a stop/go sign operator, learning on the job and working your way up, therefore knowing the ins and outs of the industry as you go.”

Alison finished the chat with the essential vexing question, “White bread or brown?” Plow paused for a bit and said, “Molenberg … is that white or brown, though?”

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