Andy Brockbank

In Just Truckn Around, April 20182 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineApril 8, 2018

Dunedin‘s Andy Brockbank was reloading with sealing chip near Beaumont when Craig Andrews bailed him up for quick chat. Andy drives a 2016 UD Quon GW 26-420 for McEwan Haulage based out of Dunedin and he‘s currently on his second season contracted to Downer Group NZ, working on reseal sites throughout the South Island. “It‘s a great truck. Comfortable, easy to drive being an auto. Great for what we do with it.”

Andy started his career mostly on diggers with work experience at Forestry Roading Services and then onto Taieri Transport Services. After a time doing a bit of silage there he found his way into work at Blackhead Quarries operating plant and driving trucks there. He moved on to Downer Group in 2009 working on a sealing crew, working at Hall Brothers in the off-season, and in 2012 he went to McEwan Haulage
where he‘s been ever since. The interest in trucks originated in school holidays where he spent time on his uncle‘s farm between Clinton and Waipahi, driving his TM Bedford.

“I pretty much enjoy being paid to be a tourist,” he says. “Travelling around the country seeing some great scenery and working with a great crew. Happy with what I get paid and I have a great boss.”

“There are people within the industry who probably overrate themselves,” which is about the only thing Andy could think of when it comes to dislikes in the industry. “And the tourists can be testing, but it‘s something you have to live with these days and adapt to,” he added.

Andy‘s vexing question was what was his favourite song?

“That would be Seize the Day by Avenged Sevenfold.”