Big-brand benefits, local service

In May 2024, Industry Update4 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJune 23, 2024

Travelling around the country is usually a big part of a transport operator’s business, and knowing you can get the same level of service you expect from your local tyre guy while in a different part of the country is crucial for successful operations.

The National Tyre Assistance Group is New Zealand’s largest support network for the growing number of independent commercial tyre dealers.

The initiative was developed to support New Zealand’s independent commercial tyre dealers by providing a networking platform where members can liaise with each other and offer customers a reliable 24/7 backup and callout service nationwide. More than 50 independent businesses are currently signed up.

This networking platform provides customers of NTA members the same high level of service and professionalism no matter where they are in the country.

“We can offer our customers a national tyre service whilst keeping our independence. The majority of our customers are privately owned and want to support another locally owned companies,” says Greg Nicholson, owner of Havelock North Tyres and Alignment.

“Being a member of National Tyre Assistance means if one of my customers is in, say, Auckland, I’ve got a guy there to do the job for me. In turn, I might be helping him out next week,” he says.

“So, my customer has peace of mind that wherever they are in the country, I’ve got someone who can help them.”

Havelock North Tyres and Alignment is an independent tyre supplier specialising in all types of tyres – from high-performance cars to farm tractors. The company operates four fully equipped tyre service vehicles with a 24/7 callout service.

Greg says being a member of National Tyre Assistance allows him to provide his customers with a complete tyre package, wherever they are.

“Local tyre businesses are going to be able to provide a national service to their customers. It’s having the benefits of a big national chain, but the service of a local, and the business retains its independence.”

Greg says there are many benefits to becoming a member of the National Tyre Assistance programme.

“We can order stationery in bulk, printed with National Tyre Assistance, which would otherwise cost a lot of money. There’s also a training programme organised by one of our members, which enables you to get your staff trained independently, so you can show they know what they are doing.

“If you’re new to the tyre business, as a member, you can bring in a trainer to train yourself or staff on site.”

Power Retreads sales manager Paul Campbell says the National Tyre Assistance Group provides independent dealers with a united purpose and a national identity link, giving them the confidence to compete for local fleet accounts travelling nationwide.

“All members of the National Tyre Assistance Group provide a high level of quality service and professionalism to other members of the group, using the inter-dealer charge-back structure, thereby giving confidence and reassurance to their customers on the road,” he says.