Brent Ankins

In Just Truckn Around, February 20181 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineFebruary 21, 2018

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Faye Lougher only had to step outside for this Just Truckin‘ Around as Brent Ankins was driving the tanker delivering water to her rural property.

Brent says he initially started working for JB‘s Environmental Limited in Levin helping owner John Matangi with some firewood.

“Then I was moved to driving, and I‘m still there seven years later.”

Brent has been driving trucks for about five years now. The day he came to deliver water at Faye‘s he was in the 1990 ERF 64 CU325E, but says he also drives the 8-wheeler. Helping him with the water delivery was Robert Tautari.

Before working for JB‘s Brent built swimming pools for Pools R Us in Tauranga.

“Now I mainly do truck driving and water deliveries. I love getting out and meeting people I suppose.”

Brent can‘t think of anything wrong with the industry today, saying even the roads are getting better.

The vexing question of guitar or drums was quickly answered. “I‘m a drummer.”

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