Cameron Miller

In Just Truckn Around, July 20181 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJuly 24, 2018

Cameron Miller from Cambridge, New Zealand, had a big job ahead of him when he took time out for a chat with Paul O‘Callaghan. He was about to start washing out a B-double combination of convertible livestock trailers The 23-year-old Kiwi has been driving in Australia since he got his road train licence four years ago. First, it was hauling iron ore in a side tipper quad outfit for Jamieson Transport based out of Port Hedland, but for the past two years he has been carting livestock for Peter Tomeo of Karradale Livestock Transport in Perth. But then again, moving animals runs in the blood – Cam‘s Dad drives for Farmers Transport and has recently taken delivery of a new DAF. When I enquire which model, Cam wasn‘t interested, adding only that “ it wasn‘t a Kenworth”. No questions where his loyalty lies when it comes to truck brands then.

His regular truck, a Kenworth T904, was in for a new engine so he was using another truck in the meantime. Freedom is what draws him to trucking, and “f**kwits on the road” are what he dislikes most. On the vexing question front, Cam is definitely more of a dog man than a cat man, an opinion his four-legged companion Tux seemed to approve of.

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