Ensuring road safety with brake testing

In August 2023, Product Profile3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 9, 2023

Measuring brake performance as part of COF and WOF testing is critical to ensure continued safety on the road – especially in New Zealand, where people and the economy rely more on road transport, and the terrain can be challenging.

Like almost all other road vehicles in New Zealand, heavy vehicles are required to undergo entry inspection and a periodic safety check. Brake testing is a crucial part of this inspection, given the critical role brakes play in overall vehicle safety.

New Heavy Vehicle Brake Testing Requirements were introduced in New Zealand in December 2022. The aim of the new protocol is to create a consistent approach for heavy-vehicle brake testing at Waka Kotahi-approved inspection facilities and sites throughout New Zealand.

Heavy motor vehicles used on New Zealand roads are required to be brake-tested for entry certification, in-service Certificate of Fitness (CoF B) and roadside enforcement. All owners and operators must ensure a heavy vehicle complies with the rules and regulations at all times.

BM Test Equipment

Founded in 1977, BM Test Equipment is a global test equipment and software manufacturer. Based in Denmark and exporting to more than 35 countries, BM provides solutions to a wide range of customers, including private repair workshops, vehicle inspection companies, military, police, technical schools and vehicle manufacturers. In New Zealand, BM has more than 800 installations operating nationwide.

BM Test Equipment products are available at NAPA Auto Parts, Sulco Tools & Equipment and Repco.


BM Brake Roller testers are NZTA-approved and the most-installed
brand in COF B stations.

BM14200 – In-Ground 2-Piece Roller Bed Design
This is one of the strongest designs in the market, built to withstand the high daily throughput of fully laden vehicles. With a 13/20 tonne axle capacity, the BM14200 is the most-installed model for high-volume testing stations.

BM18200 – Lifting Bed Load Simulation Brake Tester
The BM18200 roller brake tester has a unique hydraulic load simulation system, allowing the operator to raise the roller bed out of the ground. It meets NZTA requirements for 60% design axle weight COF B testing.

BM20200 – Above Ground Mobile Brake Tester
The BM20200 roller brake tester is designed for direct on-ground installation without the need for civil work. It can be retrofitted to existing pits or used for mobile roadside testing. It requires only approximately 10 minutes for one person to set it up for operation.