Innovative driving lights

In May 2024, Product Profile2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJune 21, 2024

Reliable lights are essential when it comes to driving at night, and this is especially true for truck drivers who are often behind the wheel for long periods facing dark roads and unpredictable weather.

Great Whites LED lights feature advanced LED technology, which produces an intense beam that can reach far ahead, illuminating the road and any potential hazards. This is particularly important for truck drivers carrying heavy loads or driving on unfamiliar roads. The high-quality beam produced by Great Whites LED lights ensures drivers can see obstacles and react quickly to avoid them.

Great Whites has unveiled two new innovative headlight solutions to its catalogue, the 7in LED Headlight (GWF1005) and 7in High Beam Headlight (GWF1010).

The 7in GWF1005 and GWF1010 headlights deliver greater performance with long-lasting LEDs. As with the previous Great Whites headlights, they are certified as ADR-compliant for right-hand drive vehicles.

The GWF1005 incorporates park and indicator lights and includes class 1 amber strobe lights that can be synchronised across both headlights. This innovative advancement allows for greater visibility and ensures you are safe on the road without the need for installing additional warning lights or strobes and beacons on your truck.

The GWF1010 features LED park lights and is an ideal replacement for factory-sealed beams or 7in halogen lights.

Offiering a smarter, more intense light source, Great Whites feature a new design with improved UV stabilisation.

Adjustable Beam Technology

Great Whites has also unveiled its innovative Adjustable Beam Technology (ABT).

ABT allows you to fully control the beam pattern to best suit driving conditions with the turn of a two-stage dial. Easily switch the lights between full flood light, full spotlight, or both, and separately control the brightness of each, for a perfectly tailored combination beam.

Kits include two driving lights, a driving light harness, a dial switch, and two amber covers. Available in 170mm kits or 220mm kits.