Filter out unscheduled downtime

In February 2023, Product Profile2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMarch 3, 2023

Transport business owners and drivers need effective filtration to operate their fleets. The Donaldson filtration range, available through NAPA, delivers a comprehensive line of filtration solutions for trucks and transport fleets.

New Zealand job sites – including mining, construction, roading and farming – can be hard on vehicles and equipment. Donaldson has designed its filters for the challenging conditions in which New Zealand transport companies operate.

Products must be robust to tackle the challenges faced in the transportation industry, needing to stand up to starts, stops and idling. Adding a filtration system to your bulk fuel and lube storage can protect your equipment and maximise uptime.

The Donaldson range of fuel and lube truck filter kits provide the performance and reliability needed for modern diesel engines. The products are built to meet or exceed OE requirements. Manufactured to the highest standard, with robust, heavy- duty housings and liners, they come with heat and chemical-resistant gaskets and seals, backed by a full aftermarket warranty.

Donaldson fuel filters provide clean filtered fuel to prevent pump wear, injector clogging and premature engine wear and maintain fuel efficiency.

The fuel filter technology includes:

• Filter media that meet or exceed OEM specifications designed to allow full flow under high operating pressures.

• Heavy-duty housing for vibration-proof durability.

• Heat and chemical-resistant seals and O-rings to prevent leaks or unfiltered fuel bypass.

NAPA Auto Parts, which specialises in aftermarket automotive parts for industrial and commercial businesses, has been supplying Donaldson filters for the past 12 months. During this time, NAPA has become a known destination for Donaldson filters, and its range of Donaldson filtration has grown by 40%, with more to come.

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