Fred McDaniel

In Just Truckn Around, June 20171 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJune 21, 2017

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“Well where the hell are ya‘ll gonna send that ‘&%$#@^&‘ magazine to, ‘cause here‘s my postal address right here!

Interstate number 160147 and I‘z could be anywhere!” said Fred McDaniel when Dave McCoid bailed him up for a Just Truckin‘ Around in the States last year.

Dave spotted Fred polishing the wheels on a gleaming Freightliner Cascadia at a Love‘s travel stop in Utah. The 2016 Cascadia Evolution was on its maiden three-month voyage around the US – that‘s how often Jack sees his depot in Lebanon, Tennessee – and he was rightfully proud of his new ride. Sporting a Detroit DD15 and 12-speed AMT,

Fred couldn‘t fault the truck or Interstate Distributors. “They‘re a great company to work for, best I‘ve had. I have all I need right here.”

Original from Los Angeles, 51-year-old Fred has been driving for 16 years and loves everything about trucking, especially the freedom and scenery it afforded as he roams around the lower 48 clocking up around 2800 miles a week (4,400km).

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