Gary ‘Krusty‘ Herricks

In Just Truckn Around, September 20162 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 21, 2016

Gary ‘Krusty‘ Herricks Hey-hey kids!
Meet Krusty the Trucker! Aka Gary Henricks.

Krusty has been contracted to Freight Lines for eight years and Ange Richards caught up with him while fuelling his trusty sidekick, a 2002 Freightliner Argosy.
At the time man and machine were on floating work inter-island. The Argosy has a 620 Cummins signature and tows a 2014 Roadmaster B-train, the unit is HPMV certified.

Krusty cracks up, “It‘s the solitude you know, you have to have a warped sense of humour or you go bloody nuts out there.”

Thirty years ago, freezing cold on the Whangamoas working for the Ministry of Works, Krusty looked at the truckers in their warm cabs and said to himself, “Agh f#@& this, I‘m getting my HT!” Now, admiring the awesome sights out the windows today, Krusty‘s issues with the industry are: “Far too many restrictions and you can‘t get a secondary job.” Krusty drew the “Ford or Holden?” question. Krusty is definitely a Holden man!

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