Greg Hutchinson and Phillip Judd

In Overseas, Just Truckn Around, March 20192 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMarch 11, 2019

Greg Hutchinson and Phillip Judd are a two-up team engaged on a regular run from Brisbane to Darwin for Simon National Carriers. Paul O‘Callaghan got chatting to the duo as they were fuelling the tanks on their fridge vans at Longreach, Queensland.
“We may be here for some time,” quipped Greg. Due to severe flooding in Queensland in early February 2019, many roads had been closed, leaving truckies parked up in places like Longreach, Winton and McKinlay. Reports from Kynuna Roadhouse described a stranded Darwin-bound Toll refrigerated truck where the driver donated its fresh produce to stranded motorists.

Greg is from Ipswich and has trucking in his blood, with a 40-year driving career, 12 of which have been spent on and off at Simons. Phillip, on the other hand, has only been driving eight years, exclusively for Simons. Prior to this he was employed as a van sales driver with PepsiCo, but driving big road trains across the outback was always a lifelong ambition of his.
Overall, the pair are very happy with their 2018 FH16 700 XL, which was is in fact a test vehicle from Volvo. The company has even tested the 750 version, although this model was never introduced to Australia. Engines aside, both drivers were unanimous in the sentiment: the FH bed is just too small, especially for two up team driving.

The 6800 km weekly round trip takes the lads just five days, allowing two days at home. Maintaining a good work-life balance is key for Phillip, while Greg just flashed his inner forearm tattoo when asked his feelings on the subject. It simply reads ‘The road goes on forever‘.

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