Our success is based on the core values – Customer first, Respect for the individual, Elimination of waste, Determination, Team Spirit and Integrity. They reflect our journey towards a more sustainable future and a role in the ecosystem, as well as our position within Volkswagen Truck & Bus. These values will continue to be integral to the way we run our company, building a global leadership in sustainable transport.
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Scania introduces Smart Dash

Scania’s has unveiled its new digital dashboard, Smart Dash, which is says opens the way to smarter, safer and better truck driving experiences.

Scania expands Scania Finance NZ team 

Scania Finance NZ has appointed Mandy Brooker as its new country manager to oversee growing demand.

First test for new solar-powered hybrid Scania truck

Scania is part of a new research collaboration testing a hybrid truck with a solar panel covered trailer on public roads.