International T-Line

In February 2023, International, Rust in Peace1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMarch 15, 2023

Achance detour to Whangarei on one of our recent trips north had us passing the Haines House Haulage Northland yard on Saleyards Road, Kauri. Glancing at the yard, we clocked the unmistakably recognisable shape of an international T-Line facing the road – its cab slightly tilted and bullbar lying forward on the ground. We were immediately on the brakes and into the yard for a look.

The T2670 8×4 was bought about three years ago as a donor truck, says mechanic Hannes du Preez. The company has a mint 1986 TF2670 6×4, which is still in regular use – one truck giving itself up for another.

The dark green cab is missing bits and pieces, with a growing spread of lichen. But a previous owner’s name, Paradice Haulage is still proudly on the doors. Surface rust colours the chassis rails and most of the truck’s metal components, including the engine. It’s the ubiquitous- for-the-era Cummins NT, a 350hp unit if the badging on the cab can be believed.