Investing in charging future

In March 2023, Business Profile4 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineApril 4, 2023

There is much to wrap your head around in the ever-changing world of electric-vehicle charging technology. And with new technology released all the time, operators sometimes need help knowing which direction to go in, what products to invest in and what brands to get behind.

A division of YHI New Zealand, YHI Energy offers charging technology solutions for home, fleets, public infrastructure and heavy-transport applications. “We are committed to innovation, sustainability and bringing the very best brands from around the world to our local markets,” says Jasmine Roxborough, business development of EV charging at YHI Energy.

“Our products offer plenty of features that alleviate many of the reservations businesses have when it comes to charging technology,” she says.

“We have a wide distribution network across the country and great partnerships with installers and integrators, providing an ultimate turnkey experience from site scope to installation and the ongoing management of the products themselves.

“These technology investments can be a scary thing for companies. So having an integrator who can manage everything from end to end works really well for them. Our products are well future-proofed, so that gives people a little bit of a sigh of relief as well.”

YHI New Zealand was established in 1995 in Auckland, initially focused on the automotive sector with world-leading tyre brands. In 2001, YHI added energy products to its range, and such products are now a substantial area of the business. It offers comprehensive product ranges in solar power, electric-vehicle charging, automotive, marine and motive power products, as well as UPS and power systems solutions and services.

“YHI Energy has been involved with the EV industry from the very beginning, supporting the first substantial corporate EV fleet in the country in 2015,” says Roxborough.

“Our comprehensive range of products allows us to provide a unique approach to our customers’ requirements, often challenging the status quo to achieve a greater outcome.”

Partnering with Siemens

YHI has worked with some of New Zealand’s largest electric fleets and public charging projects and was appointed as a distributor of Siemens’ electric-vehicle charging infrastructure in New Zealand. The partnership enhanced YHI’s capabilities to deliver a wide range of EV chargers to New Zealand’s rapidly growing market.

YHI supplies products from Siemens’ extensive portfolio ranging from 7kW to 300kW, from home to fleets, to public infrastructure and heavy transport applications.

The Siemens SiCharge D offers a superior DC charging experience thanks to its scalability, power allocation abilities and award-winning design in interface design and serviceability.

With its customisable configuration (CCS and/or CHAdeMO) and a 22kW Type 2 socket, operators can charge up to three vehicles simultaneously.

The SiCharge D starts at 160kW, and in increments of 20kW is scalable up to 300kW. Further to this is the ability to add additional DC dispensers. This means simultaneous charging of up to five vehicles at once (4x DC and 1x AC). Not only does this allow for multiple vehicles to be serviced at once, but it also means that finding the “perfect site” for multi-charging stations is much easier.