Joel Collins and Phil Schischka

In Sterling, July 2021, Just Truckn Around2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJuly 20, 2021

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A side trip to Whangamata for the Beach Hop meant Faye Lougher was in the right place for a Just Truckin’ Around with Joel Collins and Phil Schischka.

Joel had been doing building removals for some time when 18 months ago his boss asked if he wanted to buy the company, and he and Phil now own House Transporters together.

The impressive 2009 Sterling LTR with an automatic gearbox and 550hp Detroit Diesel was being loaded with a house to be transported to Taumarunui.

Joel has been in the house moving industry for about eight years and says it’s all he wants to do. “I started off driving the little crane truck and worked my way up. I like carting houses but not driving empty.”

Joel’s greatest wish is for the public to be better educated about pilot vehicles and wide loads and what to do when you meet them on the road.

His vexing question was America’s Cup or Round the World Yacht Race – well, he wouldn’t be much of a Kiwi if he went for anything other than the America’s Cup, would he?

Phil’s been driving for about 24 years in total and has done a stint as an owner-driver. Despite being Joel’s business partner, he says he’s the backup driver and has to fight to get in the driver’s seat.

He thinks the greatest issue in the industry today is that it’s too cut-throat, and there’s not enough money for living the Kiwi dream.

His vexing question was pyjamas or the full monty. He just smiled and said, “not PJs!”

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