Jzaden (Jazz) Kremm

In September 2023, Just Truckn Around2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineOctober 27, 2023

It was a case of having to stop and check out RMS Contracting’s new Kenworth C509 when it pulled into the BP Truckstop at Taupiri. Alison Verran had a great chat with Jzaden (Jazz) Kremm, who proudly sits at the wheel of this gorgeous machine. In fact, it was his first day driving it – it had only been on the road for two weeks and had travelled a mere 2000km.

“I got it last night. The comfort is next level; everything about it is luxury… it’s not breaking my back in half. I have come from a K108 fat cab, which is nowhere near the comfort of this one.”

Powered by a 458kW (615hp) Cummins X-15, sporting a 36in aerodyne sleeper, towing a three-rows-of-eight low loader, rated to 160 tonne, and kitted out with plenty of aerials and an impressive bullbar… what’s not to like?

Jazz comments: “I have a thing for aerials, and the bullbar just makes the whole unit stand out. It’s taller than I am!” Jazz chose a few of the extras. “I wanted the bird on the front. A friend of mine gave it to me. The main thing I wanted, though, was a heater that worked! I’ve done two years of driving with no heater.”

Adding to the bling is the name on the bug deflector, Fifty Shades, which came about from the 50 in C509 and, of course, that the unit is a deep grey.

Jazz was fuelling up before heading to Auckland for a load to take back to his base in Wellington. “I’ve been with RMS for two years now, carting machinery for new subdivisions, earthworks and roading. I enjoy heavy haulage. I’ve wanted to do it from the day I sat my Class 2.”

Jazz has been driving for six years now and loves the “freedom of being on the road, the open spaces and the people you meet”.

At the end of the conversation, Alison asked Jazz the vexing question, ‘Whitebait or paua?’ “Paua… I’m definitely a fan.”

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