Keep it smooth while on the move

In November 2023, Product Profile3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineDecember 28, 2023

Alemlube Automatic Lubrication Systems grease critical points of a truck while on the move, reducing long-term wear and keeping trucks on the road.

Reliable transport is vital to a functioning economy, and the industry is the busiest and most competitive it has ever been. Trucks travel thousands of kilometres each week, servicing intervals have become longer, and the times the trucks are available for servicing have become shorter.

Keeping critical chassis components properly greased is among one of the most difficult maintenance tasks due to its high frequency and time-consuming nature.

Family-owned Alemlube delivers a wide range of lubrication products to Australia and New Zealand. The Alemlube Automatic Lubrication Systems allows critical maintenance work to be done while the machine is working.

Automatic Lubrication Systems can help keep maintenance costs low while keeping production at a maximum. Machines run longer when lubrication can be done while they are running, increasing production. Breakdowns are reduced when bearings are always greased, and safety is improved when lubrication points are automated and moved away from potentially hazardous areas.

The Alemlube Lubrication System greases the critical points on the move, every hour, with carefully measured doses of No.2 grease.

This increases productivity and increases the return on investment by allowing the truck to stay on the road and not have to come back to the workshop for hand greasing.

In addition, the small amounts of fresh grease injected into each point every hour ensures that critical components are maintained in optimum working condition all the time.

The Alemlube Lubrication System maintains a protective barrier of fresh grease around all pins and bushes, preventing the entry of damaging contamination. This reduces long-term wear and tear and keeps trucks on the road and out of the workshop. Truck steering is improved and tyre wear lessened.

Using No.2 grease, the system ensures that a water and dust-proof barrier is constantly maintained around all pins and bushes. This keeps critical components clean and contamination-free.

“Our customers report shackle pin and king pin life of two to three times longer when compared to hand-greased or liquid-grease greased trucks,” says Joel Reddy, business development manager at Alemlube New Zealand.

“This means lower parts and repairs bills and higher fleet availability. It also means a more productive and more profitable business.”

Alemlube has on-the-ground presence in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Mackay and Townsville in Australia, and in the North and South Islands in New Zealand, plus a network of trained distributors.

For more information, visit or find them on social media@alemlube_nz