Khyle Brookland

In Just Truckn Around, September 20182 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 3, 2018

Waikaka Transport‘s Khyle Brookland was washing up and doing the greasing after a busy Saturday morning spreading super around some of eastern Southland‘s wonderful countryside. Craig Andrews jumped at the opportunity for a quick yarn about what makes him tick.

Khyle drives this 2012 MAN with 160,000 kms on the clock and spends most of the time spreading fertiliser along with another MAN and a Mercedes-Benz Atego that form part of the fleet. There are other spreaders that join the fleet from time to time when the pressure‘s on from the Milnes Transport fleet in Isla Bank.

Most of his work is hill country and he has been in this role for five months now. Prior to working with Waikaka he was driving tractors on agriculture work over in Pukerau, and on silage trucks over at Te Anau, so is used to the paddock work. He got into the trucking industry to see more of the countryside – he‘s definitely doing that – and to meet more people. “I enjoy working for a small trucking company. It‘s easier to get along with people when we all know one another,” he says.

Khyle believes that health and safety is getting a bit out of control, which is about the only negative he could think of within the industry, and the positives are related to the type of work he does. “I enjoy the hills which can make it quite exciting, especially when the truck is crabbing across a face with all the wheels clutching for grip.”

Khyle rates the Waikaka Transport guys highly and he really enjoys driving for them. “ They have done a lot for me and my family.”

Khyles vexing question was buy a chicken or shoot a duck. “Shoot a duck. Easy.”

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