Kiwis who have taken flight, Ken Kirk

In Just Truckn Around, May 20161 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMay 22, 2016

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Having spent his life doing all types of cartage, including livestock, general freight and tanker work, Ken and his wife Annie moved to Aussie in 1996 with the intention of settling in Western Australia. Ken stayed with the tankers and has been with Perth-based Matic Transport for the past three years, working on the endless mining industry supply chain.

“I love the long-distance country driving that I do in this job, and I get out of town as soon as I can.” The truck is a 600hp Volvo FH16 with the company‘s I-Shift gearbox. All up she tips the scales at 118 tonnes. “It takes me four days to load, do the 3,000km round trip and unload.”

Ken‘s head-scratching question turned out to be an easy one for him – V8 Super Cars or Isle of Man TT? “No question at all,” said Ken.  “Isle of Man every time!”


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