Launch into accurate calibration

In August 2022, Product Profile3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 2, 2022

The Launch X-431 ADAS HD professional commercial vehicle calibration system is a professional diagnostic system that assists operators in quickly and accurately carrying out system calibration across their vehicles.

Calibration is required when a sensor and/or control unit has been repaired or replaced, the sensor installation is incorrect, the windshield or bumper has been removed, repaired or replaced, or when the chassis structure has been changed or adjusted.

The system uses sensors installed in a vehicle to induce the surroundings, collect data, identify, detect and track static and dynamic objects during driving so that drivers can be aware of potential dangers in advance and effectively increase the comfort and safety of driving.

The calibration system can assist a workshop, whether it is independent or a workshop taking care of an entire fleet. Operators can calibrate without needing to outsource, saving time and money.

The portable system is designed to be transported and stored and used by a single operator.

It features a compact design with the beam and mainframe able to be folded, meaning it takes up minimum floor space when not in operation.

The software allows the operator to locate camera calibration panels and the radar reflector panel in the correct position. It provides professional recalibration for the ADAS camera and radar when the sensors have been removed, replaced or repaired.

The Launch system provides commercial diagnostics for more manufacturers than any other system, including Iveco, MAN, Scania, Volvo, Renault, Isuzu, Nissan, as well as Hino.

It offers high precision accuracy and comes equipped with a millimetre precision laser range finder to measure distance without mechanical measurement.

Features include an innovative structure design to meet the demands of storage, movement and calibration. It supports multi- direction fine-tuning, including level, front and back, and right and left adjustment – meaning there is no need to tediously move the device – centring and paralleling in under a minute. The lifting height of the X-431 ADAS HD can reach three metres, for calibrating heavy-duty vehicles. The target adopts a multi- point hanging way, which is safe, firm and not easy to fall off, and new upgraded aluminium alloy material makes for durable use.

NAPA Auto Parts, in partnership with Launchtech NZ, is excited to release the Launch HD ADAS System in New Zealand and is sure that it will be the ideal solution for all current and/or new customers. Please get in touch with your local NAPA HD commercial specialist if you wish to enquire any further on this product or any other equipment solutions, including lifting, brake testing, tooling and diagnostics.