Managing the moving parts

In Business Profile4 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineApril 3, 2023

Managing the moving parts of a trucking business can be a headache for many fleet operators and transport companies. Taking control of your mobile jobs with scheduling software helps raise efficiency, reduces costs and results in happier customers.

Founded in 2008, vWork helps transport companies tame all those moving parts when managing mobile jobs or deliveries. “We help businesses with complex mobile operations who have a lot of people moving around or a lot of vehicles moving around,” says Sam Edmond, head of marketing at vWork.

“We help them reduce cost, improve efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction all in one go, and that helps them streamline their business to reach their goals.”

The current worldwide driver shortage means a lot of companies can’t complete as many deliveries or do as many jobs in a day as they want. Edmond says a good solution is using software like vWork to help businesses become more productive with the driving force they already have.

“A lot of companies get bogged down in paperwork, and you’d be amazed at how many businesses in New Zealand are still using paper,” says Edmond.

“vWork is all app-based; all the jobs are scheduled centrally from a laptop or computer in the head office, and then drivers use an app and go through a series of steps on their phone, and then they’re off to the next job. “So, it’s killing that dead time and enabling you to move on to the next job more quickly.”


vWork offers a rigorous onboarding process for businesses implementing the software into their operations. “vWork can be customised to the type of business you run and the types of jobs you are doing, so your business is operating as efficiently as possible,” says Edmond.

vWork can be used in conjunction with other software already being used. It offers off-the-shelf integrations with platforms such as Xero, MYOB, Salesforce and telematics providers, including EROAD and Argus Tracking.

Key features of vWork

vWork route optimisation
vWork’s route-optimisation tool matches delivery schedules against capacity and constraints to build the most efficient schedules. Set daily routes in a fraction of the time across simple and multi-stop routes, improving fleet efficiency and reducing fuel consumption.

Three-way messaging
Three-way messaging between customer, driver and dispatcher saves time when making changes on the fly. Other messaging capabilities include automatic e-mail reminders, text messages with maps, and portals that allow customers to self-book jobs.

e-proof of delivery
Move from paper proof of delivery to electronic options like photos and sign-on glass. Electronic proof of delivery automates the delivery process, speeds up the invoicing process, reduces manual invoicing errors and shortens billing cycles, reduces carbon footprint, and keeps customers informed in real time.

Accurate mileage for job invoicing
vWork uses three sources to derive distance travelled to calculate accurate mileage: straight-line estimates, Google Maps planned routes, and actual mileage calculated from EROAD.

Other features include:

• Templated workflows that fit perfectly with how you run your business

• Drag-and-drop scheduling for jobs, drivers, trucks and more

• Option to manage resources and jobs from a single screen, including a live map view

• Option to send automated e-mail and SMS alerts with key information that reduces driver downtime

• Ability to access real-time data for up-to-date DIFOT reporting