Mark Gannaway

In Just Truckn Around, July 20162 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJuly 1, 2016

You don‘t often see big trucks pulling into the Garden of York fruit and vege shop north of Levin, but Mark Gannaway was on one his regular stops to pick up produce when Faye Lougher nabbed him to see what he was up to. Working for John Duggan Transport, Mark was driving a 2003 Foden A3-8R 8-wheeler with an 18-speed box. 

The company transports produce seven days a week between Wellington and Mark‘s next stop, Palmerston North. 

Mark says his uncle was a truck driver and he has loved trucks since he was six years old. His first truck was an Isuzu SHH but he‘s also driven road trains in Australia. 

After 30 years of truck driving, he says it‘s his life now. The biggest problem he comes across was no surprise – “New Zealanders can‘t drive for sh*t,” he says. 

The vexing question had him thinking hard, but he eventually plumped for Bathurst over the Isle of Man TT.

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