Martinborough Transport

In Kenworth, Business Update, October 20203 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineDecember 18, 2020

If it‘s rural and you want it carted, Martinborough Transport can do it.

This family owned Wairarapa trucking business has experienced significant growth in recent years, but providing top service to their loyal customers remains the number one priority. General manager, Josh Hawkins, has been around the business all his life. “I was born into it. Dad started the business, bought a couple of little companies along the way and slowly built it up.” Josh and his two brothers, Daniel and Jared, took the reins in 2009. Livestock transport is the core, but anything rural cartage they‘ll give a go. The company has grown in the last two years, in 2018 they purchased half of Wairarapa Livestock. At the same time they set up subsidiary company Mid Canterbury Transport. At the end of 2019 they bought the other 50% of Wairarapa Livestock. “We try to have top quality, modern gear that‘s well looked after.

We also pride ourselves on having some of the best drivers around. It all revolves around service and the customer.” Martinborough Transport has been involved with MyTrucking from day one. “Wairarapa Livestock was the original guinea pig and then we jumped in to give it a trial.” “We couldn‘t keep doing it on a piece of paper. MyTrucking gives us more efficiency and reliability. It has definitely helped us. MyTrucking has grown as we have grown, and they‘re always adding new features. “One of the big things is being able to send jobs straight to the drivers through the app, which frees up a lot of time. If something changes throughout the day, they get the update straight away.” Josh says there is also a huge advantage to storing job histories, places and clients – once they have captured the details once, it‘s all at their fingertips. Having two depots, one in Martinborough and one in Masterton, they are able to dispatch out of either office with everyone on the same page. “Because it‘s all on one MyTrucking platform, everyone sees the same information.”