Minor Badilla

In April 2017, Just Truckn Around2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineApril 6, 2017

Minor [Pronounced Min – ore] Badilla had just covered his load of bagged product at the Love‘s Travel stop in Salina, Utah and was about to head East when Dave McCoid nabbed him for a chat. As truck fanatics go, there‘d be few with a greater love for what they do than Minor.

“I‘ve been trucking for 34 years, 17 at home in Costa Rica and 17 here in the US. I still wake every morning full of joy to go trucking. I love my truck and the life. Next to my wife and granddaughter, it is my passion,”

And why wouldn‘t he love it? Minor is an owner-driver running for Itel Express out of New Jersey to the lower 48 states. His pride and joy was his 2007 Kenworth W900B running a Cat 475, 15-speed Overdrive Fuller and 3.35 rears. That meant at 80,000lb he‘d be heading east right on 75mph with the needle hovering around the 1,600rpm mark.

There were no downsides for Minor, and he was so overjoyed with his New Zealand Trucking beanie that he wouldn‘t let Dave leave without a couple of his favourite Costa Rican fruit and nut bars he gets his Mum to send up. 

Minor Badilla, one of the nicest blokes you‘d ever cross paths with in life!


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