Mo Sewell

In Just Truckn Around, September 20171 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 3, 2017

Sundays are usually pretty quiet in Levin so when an interesting load stopped on SH 1, Faye Lougher was quick to corner the driver for a Just Truckin‘ Around.

Driving a 2017 Freightliner Argosy 560hp DD15 with SmartShift, Mo Sewell had come from Hastings and was heading south to Christchurch with the top section of the Memorial Gateway being built near Christchurch Airport.

Mo has been driving for 36 years and said he did everything from flat deck to over-dimensional loads – “tarps, chains and straps – that‘s me”.

“I just fell into driving. I did my apprenticeship and carried on, but instead of working on them, I drove them.”

When asked about his load, Mo agreed it was an oddball load to be travelling through on a Sunday, but that was due to restrictions on what ferry the truck could be taken on.

“It‘s the very last piece of the arch.”

Mo loves the variety truck driving offers. “Especially my job, I go everywhere.”

As for the main problem facing the industry today, Mo‘s answer came quickly. “The biggest hassle is every clown on the road has to pass that truck.”

Mo picked the question ‘acoustic or bass‘ and said for him it was bass.