Phil Taylor

In Just Truckn Around, April 20222 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMay 28, 2022

One of Nathan “Nugget” and Tracey Anderson’s stunning Mainfreight units was picking up insulation product in Milton late last year when Craig Andrews flagged down the Kenworth for a quick pic. While at it, he decided to get the rundown on the life of trucking through the eyes of its operator, Phil Taylor.

Phil was picking up the load on the way back to Dunedin after his regular run from Dunedin to Gore. The load was Christchurch-bound, and he was driving a 2018 K200 with around 900,000km on the clock. Not that you know it, as the truck looks like it’s on its first load. Phil is a big fan of the truck and feels privileged to drive it. He says the Andersons are great people to work for.

Phil has been behind the wheel for 34 years, and it all kicked off when he got his HT in Mike Knopp’s F12 Volvo, which Mike contracted to Mount Cook Freightlines. His love of the industry developed when he went on trips on the weekends and school holidays with his cousin Peter Alexander who drove for Thomas Transport in Dunedin. Mainfreight eventually bought out Thomas Transport, and Peter went onto one of its iconic FR Macks. Phil says he learned a lot from those days alongside Peter.

Everything is good in Phil’s world. He’s just happy enough driving the big 2.8m-cabbed Kenworth.

“It’s an honour to drive this truck, and it makes work life very enjoyable,” Phil says. He sees his fair share of idiots tempting fate on the highways, plus the general deterioration of the roads is forefront in his mind when looking for a downside. This does seem to be a common theme with truckies down here.

Phil’s vexing question was, who would you most like to meet and why? Sandra Bullock was the answer.

And we’ll leave it at that.

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