Sam Nordmeyer

At 21, Sam Nordmeyer proved he’s a capable young operator when he delivered a shipping container to Mike and Alison Verran’s home. At the wheel of his 2017 Scania R560, he impressed Mike with the way he negotiated the couple’s tricky driveway and the ease with which he unloaded the container.

Sam drives for Mammoth Transport of Kumeu. He carts various things, including power poles, steel beams and shipping containers.

“I’ve been around trucks my whole life. I’ve been riding in the truck since I was a little kid – the furthest trip was to Christchurch,” says Sam. “This is my dad’s company, so I have just followed in his footsteps. I’ve been driving trucks for three years and got my class 5 a year ago.”

After unloading at the Verrans, Sam was heading to Te Puna for another drop- off, followed by a trip over the Kaimais to Waerenga to re-position a container, then back home to Kumeu.

Sam’s job takes him to some interesting spots. “I get to see new places all around the country. Recently, I went to a movie set up north, which had a lot of their props and sets. It was cool to see the set-up, with a little village and huts and things.”

Sam is a very calm operator. He says he doesn’t really have any issues with the industry; he is just taking his time to learn as he goes. Clearly, he is a young man with the right attitude to succeed. However, Sam did have one issue: “I would have washed the truck if I had known this was going to happen!”

And, now, the vexing question: milkshakes or smoothies? “Milkshakes … although smoothies are pretty good too.”

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