Shaun Mold

In Just Truckn Around, April 20181 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineApril 8, 2018

Shaun Mold started off in the transport industry as a kid on his father Kevin‘s lap, changing gears in the trucks his Dad drove for HG Leach & Son Co in the Thames Valley.

Shaun got his licence as soon as he could but completed a panel beating apprenticeship before kicking things off five years ago at Waharoa Transport. From there he moved on to Pyramid Trucking Ltd based in Te Aroha, where he drove a Kenworth K108e 8×4 and 5-axle trailer on night shift running between Te Aroha, Hamilton, Napier and Hastings.

Chasing the OE dream, for the past eight months he‘s been at Lane Transport, Killarney, about three hours southwest of Melbourne, firstly on a Kenworth K108B before getting the new K200 Aerodyne in January this year. She runs an X15 Cummins rated at 615hp with an 18-speed AMT.

Shaun runs between Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane in the Kenworth he‘s named ‘Leah‘ after his niece. He says trucking‘s in his blood and he loves heading out of town with a full load, the radio on and the sound of a big diesel heading down the highway. [‘Aint that the truth – Ed]

His only dislike is Melbourne traffic, and in a barrage of vexing questions he chose Ford over Holden, and beer over whiskey!

(Many thanks to proud Dad Kevin for sending in this great Just Truckin‘ Around.)