With last year’s NZMTA nationals cancelled due to the Covid-19 shutdown, it was not surprising there was a healthy display of new models at the show this year.

The New Zealand Model Truck Association chose the Barber Hall at the Central Energy Trust Arena in Palmerston North as the location for this year’s Easter national competition. Since the last gathering two years ago, there was a high level of anticipation among modellers to both display their latest creations and view the latest offerings from fellow members.

Once again, the bars measuring the quality of construction and level of detail were raised, with the tables full of many heavily modified and scratch-built models. These were based on both international-style and historic Kiwi rigs from a few years ago to the units we see on our state highways today.

It was a great weekend, offering opportunities for members to catch up and letting the public see first- hand the fruits of their efforts and share in their passion.

To see more photos and get in touch with the team, check out the NZMTA’s Facebook page.


1) This immaculate Super Liner built by Marty Crooks, based on Stouts Transport in Taupo, looks like it has just come through the Waipungas on SH5.
2) Neil Shayler’s K104 Kenworth build is based on the rig he drives for Rozendaal Heavy Haulage, Whangarei.


3) What started as a basic European Scania kit become an extremely good representation of a typical Kiwi nine-axle unit in Toll livery after many hours of modification by Andrew Wasley.
4) Peter Gillon’s Peterbilt build, in Eltham-based Uhlenburg Haulage livery, looks all set to hook up to an LPG tanker and head north.


5) Nik Zwart took out Best Replica with his 1:24th scale version of the Svempas limited- edition R730 Scania ‘Bright Amber’, owned and operated by Andssr Transport, Wellington.
6) Jamie Larn’s intercontinental tramping Scania 142 all set to head across Europe on another run to the sun, complete with an Italian road atlas on the dashboard.


7) This complex build by Gary Mackisack depicts a typical North American quarry rock rig, complete with setback front axle, modified bonnet, artillery wheels and heavily modified Fruehauf trailer.
8) This entry from Roy Sutherland of a typical Australian Volvo FH16 Globetrotter and Freighter 6-axle B-double looks all set to head up the Pacific Coast Highway to Brizzy.

9) Rob Craddock’s astounding build is based on the 8V71 re-powered 210 International run by Waikato Heavy Haulage a couple of decades ago. Note the oscillating turntable and plumbing detail.

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