Stephen Ryan

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Stephen Ryan, 37, has been driving trucks for almost 20 years, mainly for his uncle‘s business, Caffrey Brothers from County Meath in Ireland.

His current drive is a 2004 Scania 164L 480 Topline 6×2 mid lift.

“We run five trucks on domestic container work for Eucon, based out of Dublin. As well as driving, I organise the work for the other trucks, so I am rarely off the phone.”

On the day Paul O‘Callaghan met Stephen, he was travelling to the midlands to load peat from a bog due for export to Holland. Stephen still does some long-distance work when things are quiet on the domestic front.

“In 2015 I took a load to Turkey for my old employer, Dixon. Then last Christmas, I hauled beef to Spain for Transz Iberia in a left-hand drive Scania 620”.

The main problem Stephen sees with trucking these days is the heavy traffic around Dublin on the orbital M50 motorway.

So is he a cat or dog man? “Definitely cats! My uncle, who is a bachelor and lives in the farmhouse at the yard, has seven cats. We are a bit old fashioned, and the main cat likes to sit on top of the photocopier in the office and keep an eye on me when I‘m in there!”


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