Steve Rowe

In Just Truckn Around, April 20181 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineApril 8, 2018

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Sanson is a good spot for catching truck drivers on a break and that‘s where Faye Lougher met Steven Rowe.

Driving a 2017 Hino 500, Steven was a little out of his way as he‘d had to take a load of cardboard through to Palmerston North from Marton as the baling plant at his home base in Wanganui was out of action.

Steven has been working for EnviroWaste Services for 10 years, but says he‘s been driving trucks on and off for about 25 years.

“I originally got a job as a contractor and they put me through all my licences. That meant I could do all sorts of work there and I was able to get other jobs with trucks and machinery.”

Steven enjoys driving, saying he finds it a pretty easy job to do and one that allows him to get out and about.

He thought vexing question No 77, run or swim, was pretty random, but said he‘d have to go with swim.


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