Tackle tough cleaning jobs without the waste

In Product Profile, September 20224 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineOctober 17, 2022

Parts cleaning is an essential task for every workshop. However, the process can involve hazardous materials that can be detrimental to employees’ health and the environment.

The CRC SmartWasher is a bioremediating parts washing system designed to clean parts and equipment during repair and maintenance. It is as effective as solvent cleaners without the need to dispose of hazardous waste. The washer is engineered to clean without hazardous chemicals, is non-toxic and non-flammable, and built with durable materials.

Ideal for home and professional applications including mobile work trucks, small engine repairs and household equipment, the cleaning power of bioremediation, combined with solid construction and a portable and storable design, makes this the ultimate parts-washing tool.

SW-4 and SW-X1 degreasing solutions are designed for heavy-duty cleaning.

What is bioremediation technology?

Bioremediation is an environmentally friendly way to process hazardous waste into harmless byproducts using naturally occurring microbes. The bioremediation technology in the CRC SmartWasher breaks down grease, oil, and carbon-based contaminants, converting them to byproducts of carbon dioxide and water.

Cost savings

A CRC SmartWasher can deliver cost savings compared to traditional parts washers. There is no ongoing purchase of solvent cleaners, waste is minimised, and there are no contracts – eliminating hazardous waste removal contracts. Using the SmartWasher also reduces compliance costs – there are no hazardous- goods or environmental storage requirements.

How does it work?

Oil contaminants enter the solution as parts are washed. The surfactant in the OzzyJuice solution emulsifies the oils, and then the emulsified oil is eaten by the Ozzy microbes. Oil is converted into water and carbon dioxide. The SmartWasher heats and circulates the OzzyJuice, and the OzzyJuice cleans the parts. The OzzyMat releases microbes into the cleaning fluid to break down and eat oil, grease and carbon-based contaminants, creating a self-cleaning system.

Models to suit all applications

The SW-23 is the most popular model. It is small enough that it doesn’t take up much space but large enough to suit most workshops. It offers a 180kg weight capacity and is mobile.

The SW-25 is a fixed location model, offering a higher weight capacity at 227kg, ideal for transmission specialists. The SW-28 is also a fixed location model, with a weight capacity of 227kg. Twin wash brushes allow two people to work at the same time.

The SW-37 is a portable heavyweight model, handling up to 454kg. It offers an oversized sink to accommodate larger parts.

There are also specific degreasing products to suit workshop requirements, including the SW-4 – for general-purpose heavy duty, and the SW-X1 for heavy diesel applications, which suits the removal of DEF (AdBlue), burnt-on carbon and tacky HD greases.

CRC Smartwashers are available at NAPA Auto Parts. Contact your local team with the know-how to find the right SmartWasher to suit your business on 0800 800 073 or at napa.co.nz