Ticked boxes every where

In Short Story June 2023, June 20232 MinutesBy Dave McCoidJuly 12, 2023

In the classic theme of ‘there are no new ideas, only your take on old ones’, I give you, Auckland-based Titus Transport. And you have to admit, starting a new road transport business from scratch is a courageous act and an indication that the individual responsible is sick to death of having any spare time.

As my own old boss always said, “Service!” And then he’d say it again… twice more. “Service, service, service.”

Service is indeed the foundation on which Titus Transport owner Clint Rolfe and family have built their company.

“This level of growth wasn’t expected,” he said in a recent interview.

Starting in 2013 with two trucks and a van, a decade later Titus runs more than a dozen trucks, 3PL operations from smart depots in Auckland and Christchurch, with additional depots in Hastings, Tauranga, Rotorua and Gisborne. Via an associate network it can get your freight to just about anywhere you like.

Clint Rolfe has built his business on the oldest values in the game. Photo: Small Business Accounting NZ

The bent on how the fleet and facilities should look and present is a reflection of the man himself, and is always the other golden ingredient in the success formula. The company’s silver/grey livery with black highlights is classy, uniform and easy to replicate. A look that’s easy to replicate always sets you on the right path.

Of course, the other key element in the mix is a cool logo, and Titus’ double Ts round out an impressive ethos and execution.

The name’s not bad really either. There are just ticked boxes everywhere!