Treadwear and damage Part 3

In Vipal Know Your Tyres, June 20231 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJuly 30, 2023

Vipal Rubber presents valuable information to help you get the most from your tyres. This month, we look at even more examples of treadwear and damage.

Tyres are a significant investment for transport companies, making it essential to determine the factors that can lead to their demise.

Lug torn

Appearance: Lug torn partially or completely from the base of the design.
Probable causes: Excessive torque, tread depth not suitable to the application, incorrect design for the application and aggressive drive behaviour.
Actions: Consult your tyre dealer/ retreader to repair or retread casing.
Precaution: Remove tyre from service. Repair or retread.

Partial tread lifted

Appearance: A portion of the tread is lifted, non-buffed surface is noticed. A puncture is evident on the inner liner. Probable causes: Nail puncture.
Actions: Retread again if possible.
Precaution: None.

Exposure of protective belt

Appearance: Tyre worn to point of exposing edge of belt.
Probable causes: Mechanical problem, such as misalignment of the axle etc.
Actions: Remove tyre from service.
Precaution: Perform regular maintenance.

Excessive wear on one shoulder

Appearance: Excessive wear on one side of tyre.
Probable causes: Excessive toe, excessive axle camber, overloaded or twisted axle.
Actions: Change tyre position on the trailer. If excessively worn, retread.
Precaution: Perform maintenance on the vehicle.