Tyre Safety and Cost Savings for Fleets

In Knowing Your Retreads, February 20224 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMarch 26, 2022

The Vipal VT540 tread had its quality and durability proven in tests carried out on the South Island.

The technology and quality of Vipal Rubber products have conquered more and more transport operators from all continents, and in New Zealand, it’s no different. The safety, durability, and cost reduction offered by the brand’s products have led to major gains for New Zealand fleets.

The leader in Latin America and one of the main manufacturers of products for tyre retreading in the world, Vipal has a complete lineup of treads for all roads surfaces and applications. With exclusive tread designs and high-quality rubber compounds, Vipal treads also bring innovations such as the Eye Control technology (New Zealand Trucking, November 2021), which indicates the tread-wear status and the suggested time for tyre removal, allowing for greater safety and protecting the tyre’s retreadabilty.

One of Vipal’s retreading partners, located in the South Island, has proven the durability and strength of Vipal treads through detailed testing on an Iveco Powerstar 6-wheeler running 295/80 R22.5 tyres retreaded with the Vipal VT540 tread. After covering 45,317km, the VT540 tread presented a 4.2% higher result when tested on the same truck with retreaded tyres of the same size and similar tread design from one of the main market rivals.

The VT540 tread was also tested against another very efficient tread from Vipal, the VT500 and exceeded the latter by more than 10,000km until reaching the minimum tread depth for safety as indicated by tread-wear indicators. The VT540 covered 103,833km until reaching a tread depth of about 2.5mm, while the VT500 reached mileage of 92,089km until reaching about 2.5mm tread depth.

The VT540 is a tread with outstanding traction power, suitable for all New Zealand road conditions, including regional roads, mixed surfaces and on/off-road applications. The design has features that allow the tread to be self-cleaning in mud and sand, and reduces stone build-up, maintaining the traction and safety of trucks on any ground or in any climate. Its design is non-directional for easy fitting with 22mm of tread depth.

The VT540 is equipped with Eye Control technology and has the Alpine Symbol, or 3PMSF marking, that certifies when the tyre is designed for severe snow conditions. To earn this qualification, the treads underwent rigorous testing at a laboratory in Finland accredited by the European authorities, according to standard ECE R117. In Europe, all tyres, including retreaded tyres, must have this certification.

For Dijan Rigo, Vipal’s commercial coordinator in the Oceana region, the VT540 proved its superior quality and durability compared with treads from competing brands. In addition, he also commented on the comparison between Vipal’s treads, confirming that both VT540 and VT500 are great options for transport operators.

“These are two designs that have the characteristic of facing any terrain and climate situation. Especially for the South Island, where winter conditions generate a lot of snow and mud on the roads, both products offer the necessary security for the fleets,” said Rigo.

“Retreading tyres with quality treads such as those from Vipal Rubber still provides a considerable reduction in costs to the transport industry, in addition to reducing the volume of new tyres put on New Zealand’s roads and highways, a factor that favours the environment and the circular economy.”