Up in lights

In April 2022, Product Profile4 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineApril 6, 2022

When it comes to traffic management and worksites, safety is paramount. Narva AeroTech beacons and warning lights provide maximum visibility for a range of vehicles and applications.

The Narva emergency lighting range does more than keep people safe on the road and at worksites. From powerful and innovative beacons and strobes to sleek and modern warning lights and mini light bars, Narva’s emergency lighting products provide maximum visibility and compliance on the worksite and the road.

The range includes amber options for mining, construction and commercial industries and red and blue lights for emergency services. Narva has a warning light for every vehicle and application.

Flashing warning lights such as beacons and strobes are fitted to vehicles to convey a specific warning to other road users. The lights come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes and can be permanently or temporarily fitted to vehicles, including roadside assistance and towing vehicles, road construction machinery, utility vehicles, agricultural machinery and trucks.

Flashing or revolving amber beacons must be mounted on a vehicle’s roof to give a 360° uninterrupted view on the horizontal plane. All flashing beacons used in New Zealand must comply with section 11 of the Land Transport Rule Vehicle Lighting 2004.

What sets Narva apart?

NARVA AeroTech beacons and warning lights are ECE R65-compliant. A commonly quoted standard for emergency lighting output is SAE J845, and many users assume this is sufficient for their purposes. However, this standard is not relevant to the CoPTTM – Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management – which relates to all New Zealand vehicles involved in traffic management. The code stipulates that flashing beacons must be ECE R65 compliant, and indeed this is a brighter standard, ensuring the highest levels of visibility.

AeroTech LED strobe/ rotator range

The AeroTech range of strobes are designed to be the brightest and most visible strobes of their size. The strobes are engineered to produce smooth, highly visible rotating patterns suitable for all civil applications.

Designed, engineered and tested in Australia, their aerodynamic shape increases visibility and reduces high speed wind noise.

Because of their extreme brightness, AeroTech strobes also include an integrated light sensor, which The Narva AeroTech LED range is available at NAPA Auto Parts. Call 0800 800 073 or visit napa.co.nz to find your nearest branch. automatically switches the strobe between high and low power modes, as is required for ECE R65 Class 2. This ensures the strobe does not dazzle road users or workers at night.

12/24 volt R65 slimline LED warning lights

Narva’s 12/24 volt slimline LED warning lights meet both ECE R65 Class 1 & 2 standards, are ECE R10 EMC-compliant, and offer maximum visibility with 18 selectable flash patterns.

These are available in two options – a low-profile design with a height of 9mm, and a super narrow design with a height profile of 13mm, including a universal multi-angle bracket.

Narva’s slimline LED warning lights are ideal for tight spots such as front- grill applications and have a unique optic design that allows for efficient and powerful light output from multiple directions.