Vehicle diagnosis just got easier

In July 2023, Product Profile3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineAugust 22, 2023

Engine and equipment issues are part of life for the heavy-equipment industry. Accurately diagnosing a problem in the workshop and the field is a vital part of running a fleet.

PicoScope has launched a new set of off-highway kits suitable for heavy-duty vehicle and off-highway equipment testing.

A PicoScope turns your laptop or desktop PC into a powerful diagnostic tool. Think of it as the x-ray machine of diagnostics, letting you see the changing signals inside wires.

The kits have been created for fault diagnosis on trucks, tractors, forklifts, boats, combine harvesters, excavators and more.

The included accessories help users quickly connect and easily carry out non-intrusive and non-invasive measurements on a wide variety of systems and components.

A PicoScope helps users eliminate guesswork and test individual components, find troublesome intermittent faults and investigate vehicle problems when there are no, multiple, or misleading fault codes. It can also help diagnose charging and starting faults, trace problems with actuators that are not monitored by the ECU (such as motors and injectors), identify mechanical problems like compression and slipped/ incorrectly fitted timing belts, and report objective findings back to managers and customers.

The new off-highway kits, designed to work outside of workshop environments, handle shock, vibration, dirt and dust better than the non-off-highway versions. Pico’s new off-highway range is based on a modified PS4425A PicoScope, which has additional protection to withstand off-highway conditions.

Entry, Expert, Elite

Off-highway kits are available in three configurations – Entry, Expert and Elite – with any of the accessories included in the higher-spec kits available to buy separately at any time.

The kit’s clips, probes and breakout leads help technicians to connect quickly and easily to the components and systems they are most likely to see on the vehicles and equipment in their care. The kit also contains current clamps, ideal for checking power supply systems and delivery to electrically driven components.

In addition to the accessories found in the Entry kit, the Expert kit includes an extended range of breakout leads for easy connectivity to a wider range of components and systems.

Also included is a WPS500X pressure transducer and accessories, ideal for measuring engine air intake and exhaust and fuel system pressures.

Including a dual WPS600 hydraulic transducer kit, the Elite kit gives technicians working with off-highway equipment and heavy-duty vehicles the tools to diagnose faults in hydraulic systems in addition to the vehicle and equipment components and systems covered by the Expert kit.

The PicoScope off-highway kits are available to order from NAPA Auto Parts and Repco. Contact your local rep or call 0800 800 073 for your nearest branch.