“Welcome home”

In Short Story June 2023, June 20232 MinutesBy Dave McCoidJuly 11, 2023

There’s a lot to be happy about, but being an ex aftersales man, Barry Woods knows that what happens next, matters.

A new immigrant guaranteed to a bring positive contribution; it’s the first thing you should always greet them with. Seeing is believing, and at last IVECO’s biggest and best foot is being put forward in New Zealand. They now have a truck that can deliver it all – and remember, this is a truck that made it into the final four for Truck of the Year Australasia 2023.

Yet for all the positives the truck brings: a proven drivetrain, comfort, room, presence and looks, they’re not the keys to its ultimate success and whether it will take its rightful place on the front lines of customer choice. That will be determined by the support it receives from those who are its stewards. The good news is IVECO in New Zealand is headed up by ex-parts and aftersales leader for the country, Barry Woods. What happens after the sale is his passion, and ensuring no wheel is left unturned for long is his buzz.

Speaking to Barry at the New Zealand launch in February he said, “We need to have the support structures in place from an aftersales perspective to support growth.” Exactly what any buyer wants to hear.

There’s a long-serving crew in many parts of Iveco in New Zealand, and now they have a product they can love, and love to sell: a big one that complements their smaller hot shots 100%. All that’s left to say then is… Go get ‘em S-Way! Go get ‘em Iveco!