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In Short Story June 2023, June 20234 MinutesBy Dave McCoidJuly 10, 2023

IVECO has its unique cab nomenclature, one that’s been around a while, and once you’re in the ‘familiarity’, it’s a cinch. AD, Active Day – short for a day cab; AT, is Active Time, a 2.3m-wide day roof, or high-top at 3.5m external height and 1.85m internal. AS, short for Active Space, is the big kahuna, a full 2.5m-wide jobbie, with two heights, a ‘low’ at 3.3m external and 1.7m internal, and a high 3.80m external, and 2.150m internal headspace.

Under the S-Way cabs are the familiar Cursor range in 9L, 11L, and 13L displacement, now with Euro- 6 Step-E emissions. That’s as clean as it gets currently and for those who still wake up in the night sweating and screaming over their previous EGR nightmares, Iveco might have the elixir. There’s not a recirculating exhaust gas molecule in sight in the Cursor, using IVECO’s Hi-eSCR system instead. It is DEF-only system with passive DPF regeneration not requiring driver intervention, meaning it’ll regenerate anywhere without issue.

“The SCR system is a better system as it allows lower temperatures in the exhaust and extends component life,” says Emiliano Foieri, heavy vehicle product manager at IVECO in Australia. DEF consumption runs at about 7%–8% of fuel consumption.

Behind the engine is the Hi-Tronix AMT 12-speed transmission, an absolute sweetheart, not surprising considering it’s an Iveco- tuned ZF TraXon.

Meritor put the screws on out back, with Iveco’s eight-bag ECAS pneumatic suspension holding everything in place, and keeping the rough from the tuff. The big 570 in 8×4 configuration has an air front end, and the 6×4 chassis can arrive in the yard with a full mechanical suspension and ON+, IVECO speaks for improved ground clearance – adding an extra 70mm of precious space on the underside.


AS – Active Space: 2.5m wide cab in high (3800mm HoA) and low (3300mm HoA) roof.
AT – Active Time: 2.3m wide cab in medium (3500mm HoA) and low (2900mm HoA) roof.
AD – Active Day: 2.3m wide cab in low (2900mm) roof (No sleeper option).
Note: Height overall may vary slightly depending on tyre and suspension options.

Engine   Displacement  Power Torque
(Litres) kW hp Nm lb/ft
Cursor 9 8.7 251 340 1400 1035
Cursor 9 8.7 265 360 1650 1220
Cursor 11 11.1 338 460 2150 1590
Cursor 13 12.9 387 530 2400 1770
Cursor 13 12.9 425 570 2500 1850


S-Way chassis options
Prime Mover 4×2  6×4 6×4 8×4 8×4
Engine C11 C11 C13 C11 C13
Transmission Hi-Tronix Hi-Tronix Hi-Tronix Hi-Tronix Hi-Tronix
Suspension front Mech Mech Mech Air Air
Suspension rear Air Air Air Air Air
Wheelbase (mm) 3650 3200 3200 4950 4950
3300 3300
3500 3500
3500 3500
Vehicle Set-up ON ON ON ON ON
Standard connectivity box on all


Rigid 6×2  6×4 6×4 8×4 8×4
Engine C9 C11 C13 C11 C13
Transmission Hi-Tronix Hi-Tronix Hi-Tronix Hi-Tronix Hi-Tronix
Suspension front Mech Mech/Air Mech Air Air
Suspension rear Air Mech Air Air Air
Wheelbase (mm) 5700 3500 3500 5300 5300
6050 3800 3800 5600 5600
4500 4500 5820 5820
5100 5100
5700 5700
Vehicle Set-up ON ON/ON+ ON/ON+ ON ON
Standard connectivity box on all