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This 2011 Kenworth T408 has long been in our sights for a photo but it was always on the road, usually heading in the opposite direction!

Finding Tranzliquid driver Zane Nolan filling the tanks at the Gull station in Levin provided the perfect opportunity for Faye Lougher to stop and have a chat.

Zane says he had family members who were in the industry and just followed them down the same path. He got into trucking back in 1997, starting off as a lackey driving a little puddle jumper before working his way up.

Like many truckies, Zane says he loves getting out on the road. “Getting out and about and meeting people. You meet interesting people in this job.”

After he finished in Levin Zane was heading back to Wellington to hand over the truck to his shift partner, Harley.

While Zane says the question of what the main problem in the industry was could be open to interpretation, he says the shortage of drivers stood out.

The first two vexing questions drew “next please!” answers but when the old Ford versus Holden one came up, there was no hesitation – Holden!

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