Ford D-Series

In Rust in Peace, March 20221 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineApril 15, 2022

Not much is known about this old blue and white Ford D-series, which we came across on SH35 outside the town of Tikitiki, a couple of hours from Gisborne. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to chat with its owner, or at least the person whose land it was on.

Records indicate that it’s a 1973 D850 model. It packed a 5.95-litre six-cylinder diesel engine that offered out a claimed 128 of Her Majesty’s finest brake horsepower (or all of 95kW). The gross vehicle mass rating was 13,200kg. We’ve identified the crates on the back as potentially being period Nationwide Stock Crates, though without getting up close it’s difficult to say.

Its registration was cancelled in mid-2001, and 20 years of stagnation sure shows.

One thing’s for sure, though, at some point, someone who drove it had a good sense of humour. Check out those air horns!