Going to Town over Batteries

In Business Profile, September 20214 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineOctober 30, 2021

HCB Technology and Battery Town are two of the country’s leading names in batteries.

HCB Technologies – battery know-how

HCB Technologies has been serving the New Zealand auto electrical industry for more than 30 years.

Established in Auckland in 1988 by auto electrician Mike Weekes, the company began from small beginnings and has become a key player in the New Zealand battery market.

The company was formed to fill a void in the market, to provide specialist battery services and a wider range of batteries to the New Zealand auto electrical industry.

This void demanded battery know-how and specialty – a demand that increases year by year as vehicles and systems become more complicated and users demand less downtime and interference.

The company’s philosophy is to provide quality products, supplied with integrity, backed by excellent people and service. The vision, goal, and market point of difference is to supply and support customers without competing with them.

With nine locations around the country, including Whangarei, Albany, Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch and Dunedin, HCB services customers throughout New Zealand directly or through its distributor network.

The company serves a wide range of customers, including auto electricians, marine electricians, fleet operators, motor vehicle tradespeople, defence, and emergency services.

HCB supplies a wide range of mainly lead-acid batteries across the automotive, commercial, industrial, marine, powersports, and backup power sectors. With approximately 50 staff, the company is also supported by Bapcor New Zealand’s support office functions, offering expertise in specialist batteries, ensuring the correct battery for specific applications.

HCB has successfully expanded into related ranges, including standby batteries, gelled deep cycle batteries, motorcycle batteries, battery chargers, testers, and electrical accessories.

The customer service, support and technical expertise provided by HCB Technologies are thoroughly proven in the New Zealand and Pacific markets. The company has a proud reputation for product ranges that are well researched and tested, highly suitable and highly reliable.

HCB Technologies imports the finest batteries from the best global manufacturers. These quality products ensure the lowest cost of operation – batteries should be of a quality that prevents maintenance, not a source of maintenance.

The HCB Technologies staff know batteries inside out and are keen to ensure customers get the best advice and products for hassle-free battery usage.

Battery Town – getting to the root of the problem

Battery Town is New Zealand’s largest network of privately owned auto electrical specialist workshops that can diagnose a vehicle’s battery and electrical problems.

The group has been operating since 1999 and has locations in more than 100 towns and suburbs across New Zealand.

It was established by Mike Weekes, founder of HCB Technologies, and Bruce Strang, HCB Technologies’ long-serving sales manager.

Designed to meet the auto electrical industry’s needs and provide the power of nationwide network marketing and branding, Battery Town members are highly trained and respected technicians. They are licensed by HCB Technologies and Bapcor and supported by HCB Technologies staff.

Battery Town’s primary expertise is auto and marine electrical. Its members are highly trained in electrical systems that are the allimportant ‘brains’ of vehicle systems. Diagnostics is now a key feature of fixing a problem – this is where Battery Town comes into its own – getting to the root of the problem.

Battery Town provides services to the automotive, commercial, industrial, marine, custom and classic vehicles, and powersports markets. Its main customers are vehicle owners who see the value in expert service and products, who demand the highest standards of workmanship.