Navare Digitalising the Transport Business

In Business Profile, March 20226 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMarch 15, 2022

Data plays a significant role in how transport operators manage their fleets and control how freight moves across the globe. Transport management solutions can help provide tailor- made solutions for freight and logistics providers so they can have a better oversight of their operations.

There is such a vast array of solutions on the market today, and so much data is available from so many different types of systems. Businesses often struggle with how to manage this overload of information.

Auckland-based Navare Solutions continuously refines its products to help create a competitive edge for its clients. It offers a seamless, one-stop shop that makes managing a transport business much smoother.

Navare specialises in developing and implementing software solutions affiliated to transport management systems. Its platform simplifies the process of managing freight via an automated system while maintaining a seamless transition from start to finish.

Navare developed its advanced products for freight service providers.

Its products can be tailored with optional modules, making them apt for any business.

“Navare is a gateway to simplify the process of freight management while automating and accommodating all your needs to increase utilisation, thereby empowering your business,” the company says.

“Navare’s cloud-based enterprise-level transport- management system is the way forward to manage all your freight solutions, big or small.”


Navare offers five different products that can be tailor- made to suit any business requirement: the NavOne Transport Management System; NavScan, which offers dynamic mobile and scanning solutions; NavBridge, a freight aggregator; NavLogic, purpose built for freight forwarders; and NavAir & Ocean, for container and air freight management.

The customer booking portal in NavOne TMS supports a wide range of e-commerce platforms. Its key features include sales proposals, revenue management, automated PODs, pallet reconciliation, and reports.

On average, a company uses three to four different systems to perform multiple jobs, such as a CRM, finance, credit, job bookings, dispatch, internal tracking, external tracking. Navare’s NavOne is a one-stop system that covers all of these.

Navare developed its advanced products for freight service providers, including courier, transport and container service providers. Its TMS can replace a company’s existing legacy system with a tailor-made, seamless solution that better suits its businesses’ needs.

Rural service providers are struggling with scanning and obtaining POD – on an average four to five working days. Navare’s scanning system will integrate with their freight partners to obtain live feed 24/7, 365 days a year.

The Navare Customer Portal is a powerful tool that gives full control to users. It captures the entire journey from start to finish on one screen.

NavBridge focuses on clients sending more than 100+ parcels a day with multiple carriers, giving them one customer portal to do the job.

Navare also specialises in integration, which is why its system is so robust. It keeps up with its clients’ ever- changing requirements with options to integrate with a range of platforms, including Netsuite, MYOB, Trade Me, Salesforce, Xero and many others.

Hub & Spoke

Successful freight delivery involves a fine balance of speed and affordability.

As technology has developed, the logistics sector has found faster and more cost-effective ways of shipping freight.

Hub-and-spoke models are where connections are arranged like a wheel, where freight operators organise their routes as a series of spokes that connect outlying points to a central hub.

Navare is a gateway to simplify the process of freight management.

Freight traffic moves along spokes connected to a central hub. This efficiently moves products out of strategically located distribution centres and shortens travel time.

These days, many freight operators have adopted the hub-and-spoke model to speed up deliveries and reduce costs.

Navare products can help operators get the most out of their logistics.

The team at Navare offers more than 100 years of combined experience in software development, IT infrastructure, and project management in the transport and logistics industry. Navare is driven by a passion for making a difference and delivering only the best products the industry has to offer.

“This industry of software development is constantly growing by leaps and bounds. In return, we are continuously working towards refining our solutions to help create a competitive edge for our clients, using Navare’s digitally sound and advanced systems to prioritise a seamless process of moving freight.”