Pete’s Takeaways

When the brown stuff starts seeping out of places it’s not supposed to, Tauranga-based Pete’s Takeaways Ltd has you covered.

Respected and longestablished wasteremoval business Pete’s Takeaways services the greater Bay of Plenty. Its modern fleet of late-model trucks can handle everything from domestic septic tank emptying, water blasting and drain unblocking to commercial sector hydrovacing, gully trap cleaning, sewerage system bridging, major spills and hazardous waste removal.

Under the steady guidance of general manager Mark Blower, the company has grown significantly and today runs a fleet of 15 trucks and a pair of new service utes. As part of that growth strategy, Mark has gone to considerable lengths to ensure hazardous waste is carefully treated and disposed of safely, consistent with government and council regulations.

Over the past two years, he has made a concerted effort to upgrade the frontline vehicle fleet, with five new trucks joining the ranks during this time. These new medium- and heavy-duty trucks proudly sport the UD Trucks logo, and each has been fitted with Danz Engineering vacuum tankers.

The most recent addition is a UD Trucks GW26.460AS air suspended Quon, which features the GH11 343kW (460hp) engine and the Escot-6 12-speed AMT transmission. With standard interaxle and cross-lock diffs, the UD can handle the most challenging off-road pick-up areas. The truck also includes a suite of safety features, from EBS-controlled disc brakes to the Traffic Eye driver safety aids. For greater peace of mind, the company also opted to fit additional safety features, such as handbrake alarm and reversing cameras.

Danz tanks offer advanced construction, waterless vacuum pumps and simple, user-friendly operation. The tank on the latest Quon has a 10,000-litre capacity and is filled using high-capacity (1100cfm), air-injected, blower-style pumps with 98% vacuum efficiency. The loads can be expelled by reversing the airflow or discharged through the combination of a full-size opening rear tail door and a front-of-body hoist.

“As a company, we require vehicles that are fuel-efficient and reliable, along with operator comfort and safety features,” says Mark. “We need our trucks to have limited downtime for servicing and repairs, and UD’s extended service intervals suit our operation.

“Both the medium and heavy-duty truck add to our company profile and look really sharp, especially after Rutherford Signs has applied our branding.

“Simon Vincent and his predecessor Peter Coulson provided great service and were really down to earth to deal with. Communication is a big part of buying a new vehicle, and you want to be able to trust the people you deal with and that they will do what they say they are going to.”