2015 Hino 2945
MACK CL700 1999
2013 Caterpillar CT630




In the pink… finally

Spookily fitting – that’s the only way to describe the presentation of the John Murphy Memorial Top Truck of the Year…

A – OK

Some still say the model that bore the last incarnation of the traditional Kenworth K-model grille was the coolest.…

Retro on tag OL' School K100G

Tasmanian-based Andrew Flynn is an innovative operator who repurposes old highway prime movers to suit his growing…

It's all in the detail

The little details bring our model to life as we hit the home straight on the Pilkington Glass Mercedes-Benz build.

Parts of a Tyre

Vipal Rubber brings you valuable technical information to help you get the most from your tyres. This month – the parts…

Road to Zero demands Broad Investment in safety

Nick Leggett recently attended the launch of the Government’s Road to Zero public awareness campaign, which sets a…

CH- CH- CH- CH- Changes

How do you help employees accept change in the workplace?

A battery is born

Varta batteries are developed with truck manufacturers, ensuring fleets get the best out of their investment. HCB…

Looking ahead

We catch up with Karin Rådström, member of the board of management for Daimler Truck AG and CEO of Mercedes-Benz…

Matching intention with execution

We talked to Roylance Watson, an associate at Hamilton-based Vazey Child Chartered Accountants, about a service team…

Braking balance

The NZ Police in conjunction with Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency have commissioned six mobile roller brake test units.…

Wheter we like it or not, we all work in the recruitment industry

Are we truly doing all we can to portray ourselves in the best light and sell the opportunity of joining our industry…

No gear, no problem

Here's a full-body workout that will challenge you without the need for any equipment or fancy gadgets. You can do the…

Your Radio Station, Your Music

Help us programme the mix of music you want to hear, pick the genres below- as many as you like from that it will help…

Plain Continuation Bias

Plan Continuation Bias applies when, after a person or business has set out a plan, they continue with that plan no…

An industry under immense pressure

Our industry faces huge challenges. To say life is difficult is the understatement of the year.